Tarmac Delay Contingency Plan

ExpressJet Airlines is committed to operating a reliable schedule and to minimizing inconvenience to our passengers in the event of a delay. Safety considerations, weather, and air traffic control (ATC) issues, along with other factors, may occasionally cause lengthy tarmac delays. Consistent with Department of Transportation requirements, ExpressJet’s Tarmac Delay Contingency Plan covers all scheduled and public charter flights operated by ExpressJet Airlines in order to manage and minimize lengthy tarmac delays. ExpressJet will provide sufficient resources to implement our plan, which includes a three-hour domestic time limit and a four-hour limit for international flights with the following exceptions:?

  • Where the pilot in command determines that permitting a passenger to deplane would jeopardize passenger safety or security; or?
  • Where an air traffic controller with authority over the aircraft advises the pilot in command that permitting a passenger to deplane would significantly disrupt airport operations.?

In connection with our major airline partners, our plans have been coordinated with airport authorities, the Transportation Security Administration and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.?

Our Operations Support Center (OSC) is responsible for the management of the plan and will monitor on-board cabin conditions and notify ExpressJet operational officials to change the course of action when necessary.?

Should a lengthy tarmac delay occur, and unless safety and security considerations preclude it, we will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the essential needs of our customers are met and we will:?

  • Provide snacks and beverages no later than two hours after leaving the gate (for departures) or after the aircraft touches down (for arrivals).?
  • Provide an operable lavatory.?
  • Provide comfortable cabin temperatures.?
  • Provide adequate medical attention, if needed.?
  • Share facilities and make gates available at airports in an emergency.?
  • Attempt to pursue other avenues of deplaning passengers if circumstances warrant it.?

?Deplaning following an excessive tarmac delay:?

  • A passenger shall have the option to deplane an aircraft and return to the airport terminal when there is an excessive tarmac delay.?
  • The option described above shall be offered to a passenger even if a covered flight is diverted to a commercial airport other than the originally scheduled airport.?
  • In providing the option described above?
    • We will begin to return the aircraft to a suitable disembarkation point?
      • For domestic flights, not later than 3 hours after the main cabin door is closed in preparation for departure.?
      • For international flights, not later than 4 hours after the main cabin door is closed in preparation for departure.?

We want to keep our customers informed during lengthy tarmac delays. We will update customers on the delayed flight every 30 minutes about the status of the tarmac delay, including the reason for the delay, if known. We will inform customers of the opportunity to egress as necessary beginning 30 minutes after departure and every 30 minutes thereafter from an aircraft that is at the gate or another disembarking area with the door open if the opportunity is available, (Including terminal facilities that provide a sterile area for excessive tarmac delays for passengers who have not yet cleared Customs).?